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Supplemental Watering

The importance of winter watering

Winter watering is critical to the continued health of your trees come the spring, especially evergreen trees. A well thought out plan for fall and winter watering with help condition a tree – reducing its reliance on large amounts of water in the heart of the growing season.

It’s important to remember that tree roots continue to grow throughout the winter season and require moisture in order to do so. A good rule of thumb is to water one to two times per month from October through March. Make sure the ground is not frozen and apply the same amount of water as you would during the regular growing season.

What is desiccation?

Desiccation is often defined as a state of extreme dryness. Common during the winter months, desiccation can be damaging to evergreen trees and shrubs, which don’t typically drop their leaves or needles in the fall in preparation for colder temperatures.

Plant roots are unable to obtain the necessary water when the soil begins to freeze. In order to survive, they begin using all the water stored in their leaves, stems, small branches and needles. The resulting water deficit will cause browning, scorching and may lead to the shedding of some or all of their leaves and needles prematurely.

Anti-desiccant Spray – This spray application (applied directly to leaves and needles) provides a protective coating, which helps reduce the amount of water that escapes during drier months.

In areas with harsh winters, applications are done twice – once in November/December and again in February. More moderate winters will only require one application in December or January. By early spring, the product will have completely washed or worn away, with no residual injury done to the tree.

Left untreated, the damage will stunt new growth leaving trees and shrubs with an unhealthy, sparse appearance.

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Are your trees getting enough water?

Results of insufficient watering:

  • Heat stress to trees and shrubs
  • Makes them more susceptible to insect and disease
  • Causes trees to drop leaves or needles
  • Can lead to permanent damage
  • Prevent deep root growth

Supplemental Watering Services

Supplemental watering ensures trees and shrubs receive the necessary amount of water to stay vibrant, healthy and beautiful.

Our experts monitor moisture levels from week to week and will only provide service when your trees or shrubs absolutely need it. Our supplemental watering service combines Yuccah – a mixture of natural plant extracts – with water, which breaks down surface tension and allows water to percolate easier through the soil.

It provides trees and shrubs with much needed moisture during the extreme temperatures we often experience in Colorado, as well as the drier winters when moisture is scarce.

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