Emergency Storm Damage

Emergency Storm Damage To Trees

In Colorado, Emergency Storm Damage Happens all Too Frequently.

During the spring, heavy, wet snowstorms can damage your trees and shrubs. Snow and storm damage can include broken limbs, structural fractures and stress cracks, while young trees can be damaged beyond repair. Dormant pruning is a great way to keep them resilient and less prone to snow damage.

Swingle provides Emergency Tree Care and Repair Services.

If you have had recent snow or storm damage, Swingle can perform corrective tree pruning and shrub pruning to help strengthen your damaged trees or shrubs. If a storm causes damage that is beyond tree repair, we also offer tree removal.
To prevent or minimize future damage, keep your trees healthy by proper pruning, fertilization and watering.

If loose branches are threatening your home or property right now, contact Swingle immediately.